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Brian M. Farrell
Username: Lethario
First Visit: Nov 28, 1999
About You:I got into Moxy Fruvous in 1999 after my best bud, Jeff Haber brought over Bargainville to a friend's house and we listened to it. I was skeptical at first, but I was hooked after King of Spain. I went out and bought the album shortly after borrowing my friend's for quite some time so he would stop hastling me for its return. I bought the rest of their albums over summer and have been waiting for them to come to Cincinnati ever since. Fortunately for all of us, they came in November to Bogart's, and we all went (a total of 6). An awesome concert of course and I got Jian to sign my shirt. I have not washed that shirt since then and have not worn it. It is just proudly displayed in my room on the wall for all to see. I always get to tell people about the band when they see the shirt and have no idea who MF is. Anyway, I have problems finding a radio station that plays them here or even people who have heard fo the band outside my group of friends. I would like to know if there are many other Fruheads here in Cincinati. I saw a lot of people at the concert in Bogart's, but where are all of you? Just another curious MF fan, Brian Farrell

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