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Basic Information

Liz Valentine
Username: Lizziggle
First Visit: Aug 31, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 5, 2000, 8:29pm
About You:I am a Fighting Früvie! Um...if you don't know what that're not alone. Anyway, I am pretty much a Früvie newbie. I give thanks to Rai, the Spy Chic, for shoving a Früvous CD on me along with her books. Now they have taken over my brain! Besides obsessing over Früvous music, I like Eden White (everyone needs to listen to her), Casting Lots (a really rocking Christian band), Weird Al, Tom Smith (a filker), and whatever else Ic an get my hand on. My taste in books is pretty much the same. Everything, but especially Sci-fi and odd things. Um...oh yeah. I like to talk...babble (often incoherently) actually. Could ya tell?

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