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Joel Levenson
Username: LordXerxes
First Visit: Dec 2, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Jul 25, 2010, 7:42pm
Location:Wharton, New Jersey
About You:Hmmm, what to say. I first heard MF when a friend of mine played me a few tracks from one of their albums (King of Spain and Spiderman) in the summer of 1998. I said, "Who was that?" He said, "Moxy Früvous." I said, "Who?" A few months later, a friend of mine found some songs and said, "Listen to this!" It was cool, but I didn't remember that I had already heard MF before. So we went to our first MF concert. As we were leaving, I remembered where I heard them the first time. Now less than a year later I have seen MF 5 times. Can't wait to see them again. Then there was a FruTrip to FruCon IV...

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