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Megan can't believe it
Username: Megan
First Visit: Oct 3, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Mar 14, 2002, 9:15pm
Location:Cleveland, Ohio
About You:*opens door* Well, well, well. Thanks for stopping by - please, let me take your coat. I'll just set it on the sofa. . .shoes? Oh, you can leave them on if you're more comfortable. But, please, feel free to take them off, I hate wearing them myself. Oh, anywhere's fine, sure, you can just leave them on that rug there. Come in, come in. Have a seat. Just let me turn this light on. . .there. Care for something to drink? I have some wonderful iced tea, fresh made a few hours ago. . .no? Sure? Then can I get you something to eat, some cookies, some Chinese spare-ribs? No? Not even the ribs? Well, all right, just say the word if you do. . .at any rate. So glad you came, haven't seen you in a while. What's doing with you? Just in the neighborhood? How nice, how nice. Me? Well, not much. Just been finishing up school, graduation madness, hanging out with friends, you know, the usual. Would you know them? Hm. I don't know. There's Erilee, she's sweet, and completely crazy sometimes. :) But she's so much fun! And then there's Sally - she has this thing with manwhores - don't ask - and, oh, man, you should see that girl play tiddlywinks. It doesn't sound exciting, no, but you haven't seen what that girl can do. :) Provocative, I'd call it. Speaking of provocative, then there's Sarah, who's always talking about her pants. She cracked all of us up the other day. . .Jaci makes us all laugh, too - her whips! And three Mikes! There's RacerMike - we kick each others shins constantly - Mykwud, the TMBG fiend, and Michael, who likes Will and Grace, the A*Teens, and cats that go *foof*. Hm? What's that, you say? Tea? Oh, sure - but not iced? Regular tea? 'Course I can get you some, here, let me put some hot water on. Cookies, too? 'Course I have cookies. This girl Victoria - you might have heard her called Squee - is actually selling cookies for Erilee, so Eri can go to FruCon! Isn't that sweet of her? But Squee's just like that. Y'know, that same Sally I was talking about is a Lipton addict - though last I heard she was trying to quit. . .okay, water's on. Where was I? Oh, the Mikes, right. Those guys are great. Let's see, who else is there? Well, Lisa gives these great hugs, and so does Frulie - we share this inside joke of fud. . .fud to everyone! Both of them are sweethearts. Renita and I like to polka - that is, only when her boss isn't watching. And Andrea got me into Susan Werner! You know some of these people, you say? Oh, good. They're all wonderful. You don't know who Susan Werner is? Oh, my. She's this incredible folk musician, in a class with Moxy Fruvous and Dar Williams. I love all of them. What else do I like? Oh, lots, thanks for asking. :) Great Big Sea, Sarahs Harmer, McLachlan, and Slean, Bjork, Depeche Mode, They Might Be Giants, Mike Oldfield, the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, BNL, Gaelic Storm, Dido - I go all over the place musically. Lately I'm on a huge Tory Cassis kick. . .I love that man. Those are just some of my favorites. Oh, don't tell me you have to go already? I'm sorry, I've spent all this time talking about myself. . .how rude of me. You don't mind? Oh, thanks, that makes me feel better. Please, visit me again sometime! FruM me, in fact, I'm online way too much for my own good. . .AIM? Oh, AIM is a wonderful thing. I've got three names, but I'm on the most as "Eneia" or "Tegeirian." Please, please, drop a line, I like hearing from you. Oh, don't worry about the glass, I'll clean up. Coat? Oh, yes, here it is. Let me help you with it - it's awfully chilly out there. Have you ever wondered that a chile pepper is really hot, while when something's cold we say it's chilly? That's pretty funky. . .Be careful on those steps - they may be icy. Be sure to hold the railing. Here, I'll get the door. Be careful, have a safe trip home. See you again soon! *closes door* *I would like to disclaim all responsibility for this *&$#% profile formatting the way it did. . .like Christie's Poirot, I'm annoyed with its asymmetricality and--no, it's not my fault, for any of you who are thinking I don't know how to type.*

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