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John Keller
Username: Misplaced
First Visit: Oct 31, 1999
About You:How I got into Fruvous 3 yrs ago was, that some friends had heard about them, but never heard them so we went to get the tickets. My friends got theirs & I was about to pay for mine, but then the club owner, who I knew, came by. I then asked him "Who or what was Moxy Fruvous?" He answered by giving me a pair of Comp tickets--My friends weren't too happy. So we went. As soon as they hit the stage & began Message acappella, I was blown away, we all were. The whole concert was brilliant. My friends and I have been Fruheads since. We've seen them many times since then. Also, I own a record store & the guys have stopped in to shop when in town.

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