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Maren McCoy
Username: Monkey
First Visit: Aug 25, 1999
Location:Youngstown, New York
About You: Hola Frijoles! Hmm...I guess I don't need to say that I love Fru. I also love Monkeys, the animal not the music group. But speaking of music, I don't just listen to Fru. I also like Ani Difranco, Bob Marley, Barenaked Ladies, and Rusted Root to name a few. I'm pretty new to the FruHead scene compared to many of you, in fact I have sadly never been to a show. (That's what I get for not having a driver's licence...I'll get around to it!) But I love Fru anyway, and I'm starting to get my friends into it too! Everyone in the world should read the book "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb. (Just Pretend the Oprah's Book Club Sticker isn't there, ok?) I know you all want to read my POETRY, so look at my web page!

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