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Dig in deep ;x
Username: MorbidKitty
First Visit: Oct 27, 2003
Last Visit: Sun, Sep 12, 2004, 12:50pm
About You:I found out about Moxy Früvous from a friend of mine, we get each other into different genres of music, it's great. Interests : 1800s, 80s, accents, aerosmith, alkaline trio, anime, arguments, art, babies, ballet, baths, bauhaus, beenies, bella morte, bisexuality, black and white photography, bodices, boobs, bright hooker red lipstick, candy, candycanes, cats, chains, charles, chocolate, clan of xymox, clavicles, coffee, collars, collective soul, corsets, cuddling, dancing, darkness, david bowie, death, depeche mode, drama, drawing, electric blue, elvis costello, extentions, eyes, faeries, family, fencing, flavored milk, flexability, food, friends, frills, funky hairstyles, girly men, glitter, glow in the dark, goggles, gothic music, hair dye, hate, hooker heels, hot water, hugs, ice creme, ideas, jewlery, kisses, kovenent, lace, latex clothing, lips, literature, little ears, long hair, love, low cut shirts, lust, make-up, men, micro skirts, mini dresses, mix match clothing, mohawks, morbidness, motley crue, movies, moxy früvous, music in general, new order, nudity, ohgr, orgy, painted eyebrows, paintings, pale skin, people, photography, piercings, pink, platforms, poetry, polka dots, pouting, prettyness, rainbows, rainstorms, razorblades, red, renaissance, ribbon, rock, sad songs, see through, sewing, sex, shaved heads, shiney things, skinny puppy, skirts, sleep, smiling, socks, soda, sorrow, spiders, stealing clothes from people, stomachs, storms, strings, surfing, sweaters, swimming, tank girl, tattoos, tears, tragedy, veggies, vnv nation, warmth, wigs, wings, women, worn and ripped clothing, writting I know that's a lot but hey, meh, I don't know what else to type...oh, oh, if you want more pictures, or any at all, in case this computer is still being messed up, e-mail me, or even IM me, either or work ^_^.

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