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Kal Nanes
Username: Neux
First Visit: Dec 19, 1999
About You:Hey folks... I'm currently a frosh at U-M (Math Major!) I first heard Früvous when I was at a summer camp in '98 when I friend of mine played KoS off of Bargainville... He said the rest of the tape was crap, but as I never really ever respected his judgement, I listened to it anyway :-) Of course, I loved it. A couple months later, I bought Live Noise, and played it all day every day for a few weeks... Come holiday time, when I got money, I went out and bought the other four... and of course I got Thornhill only three days after its US release. I've only been to one live show, 9-17-99 at the Magic Bag in Detroit. My other interests: Math, Singing (Classical and a cappella) and computer games Fave Songs: Bargainville: Stuck in the 90's, KoS, GWS, Lazy Boy, Authors Wood: Down From Above, Horseshoes, Nuits de Reve b Album: Boss, Greatest Man in America, Kids Song YWGTTM: KitA, YWGTTM Live Noise: Everything :-) Thornhill: I Will Hold On, Spatter Splatter, Earthquakes

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