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Basic Information

Joel Rothschild
Username: Nomoniker
First Visit: Aug 19, 1999
Location:Seattle, Washington
About You:I am a commercial web designer and programmer in my beloved home, the enchanting, mild-weathered, and now egregiously yuppified Pacific Northwest -- when I am not attending classes at Oberlin College (30 miles outside Cleveland), where I study most anything they’ll let me, though supposedly I am majoring in music composition and Japanese.

I spent the summer living with a guy who insists that the lowest highest point is actually in Florida, and that Mt. Washington is really in Maine. He’s right, but I don’t especially care. I do think Moxy is one of the most talented and infectious ensembles I have ever witnessed, and their songwriting is fantastic.

I love nearly all kinds of music, from the extremely weird and obscure to some stuff more or less mainstream. Among my very favorite artists whom I believe to be Früvish in one way or another are: Uncle Bonsai (and anything else to do with Andrew Ratshin, one of the great songwriters), Phish, The Real Group (note: their good stuff is all in Swedish), 3 Mustaphas 3, Rockapella, Phil Ochs, Flanders and Swann, The Bobs, Crowded House, Bobby McFerrin, and the Beatles.

I am terribly allergic to coffee.


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