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Basic Information

Sandra Guzdek
Username: Pichan
First Visit: Aug 23, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Apr 17, 2002, 6:01pm
Location:Eugene, Oregon
About You:How I got into Fruvous: Back when I lived in Western New York, I heard "Green Eggs and Ham" on CFNY out of Toronto way back in like '92 and have been hooked ever since -- been a Fruhead since before the term was coined, I guess! Seen *many* shows, including two New Years shows at the Tralf (welcoming in 1995 -- where the legend of Knox was born -- and 1996). Other interests: design (on paper and on the computer), reading, writing, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism); musical tastes (aside from Fru) vary from Dead Can Dance to Spirit of the West to Duran Duran (early 80s version); obsessively hooked on Ranma 1/2 at the moment; own an internet cafe in Eugene OR (

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