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Basic Information

Liza Q. Wirtz
Username: QFru
First Visit: Aug 19, 1999
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
About You:What Q does for money (!): administrivia for Episcopal higher-learning types. What Q does for fun: an ever-shifting variety of things, including (though not limited to) singing (professionally and otherwise), cooking (oh, yeah - and eating, too), reading (while walking, usually), hiking (just started, VERY new to this), and (of course) listening to music. (I'm also addicted to parenthetical notes. Cheap, readily available, easy to synthesize - a hard drug to beat.) I got into Fruvous when I worked for the headquarters for a big books/music/coffee/kitchen sink store. The guys did an in-store for the music buyers in a conference room to which someone had carelessly left open the door; my stack of copies and I got sucked in by the strains of "King of Spain," complete with Jian playing the conference table in lieu of snare, and I was hooked. Bought Bargainville at our store that afternoon, blew off rehearsal to catch Fruvous at the Ark that night and bought Wood and The B Album there, and never looked back. I've seen precious few shows since then - mostly because I spend far too much of my non-work time in rehearsals - but aim to fix that in the future.

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