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Basic Information

Robin Engle
Username: Robinkat
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Sep 22, 2008, 2:48pm
Location:Mine Hill, New Jersey
About You:I am who I am! Happily married, mother of 2 - Sara & Kelsey - and guardian of many pets! My sweetie, Tim, introduced me to Fruvous via Live Noise. And being a Fru-Fan has introduced me to many wonderful new friends and lots of new music! Of course, Fruvous is not the only music I like - there's swing, showtunes, sea chanteys, etc. And reading, I enjoy reading, gardening, playing outdoors & being a big kid. (Just ignore my suzie-homemaking skills, or lack there of!) My job is that of Office Manager for a small law firm (in a pretty relaxed atmosphere). Well, that's it. I'm me!

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