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Basic Information

Kate Bunting
Username: Sailor
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Aug 31, 2003, 10:28am
Location:Washington, District of Columbia
About You:First saw Fruvous at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA July 30th, 1998. The placemats at The Birchmere advertise their performance calendar, and while at a performance of The Bobs, I noted an upcoming Fruvous show; thought to myself, "I've heard good things about this, we should check this out." My friend Mike and I were hooked. Since then, we've caught the lads in the D.C. Metro area at every possible opportunity. When not at shows, I'm out fighting crime as an analyst for a federal law enforcement agency. This leads to having not-so-copious amounts of time to pursue such amusements as cooking, sailing, interactive literature/live-action roleplaying, swimming, and photography... not neccesarily in that order.


DC In-Store: A Pensive Jian Opening "Independence Day"DC In-Store: Jian Introducing "ILMB" (?)DC In-Store: Mike w/GlassesDC In-Store: Dave
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