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Anita Szostak
Username: Scarlet
First Visit: Aug 26, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Oct 29, 2014, 2:03pm
Location:Melville, New York
About You:After a fantastic weekend of Frutripping to NOHO and Buffalo for NYE and NYD shows, I thought it was time to update about me. My first show was 11/10/98 when Fruvous opened for the Femmes at Irving Plaza. My other shows include: 12/31/98 Bottomline, NYC; 8/13/99 Southstreet Seaport, NYC; 8/28/99 Philly Folk Festival; 10/12/99 Late Night with Conan OBrien; 11/19/99 Keswick, Philly; 11/21/99 Somerville, Boston; 12/1/99 & 12/2/99 Westbeth, NYC; and 12/4/99 Northern Lights, Albany. I am hooked on the band, the fans and everything Fruvous. Past fews months I've met the nicest people at shows some of whom are now some of best friends. At shows I can be found on Jian/Murray side of the stage being one of Murray's people. Like my friend Amanda, I also consider myself a Tobey's people too. I also love Tory Cassius, EFO, The Kenndys, Louden Wainright and especially Russell Wolff who opened in Albany. My first band is the Grateful Dead, but I realized I am totally a Fruhead since the weekend I went to the Keswick and Somerville, I saw Bob Weir of the Dead's new band Ratdog which was a fantastic show but wished I had gone to the DC show


Me as the Mad HatterFruheads at GBS 3Fruheads at GBS 2Fruheads in CT seeing Russell
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