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Basic Information

Jessica Reichard
Username: Sica
First Visit: Dec 5, 1999
Location:Troy, New York
About You:Hi! I'm a student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Insitute, and I am studying to one day be a Product Designer. Because I am a student I have not been able to do much FruTripping, but I try to make as many shows as humanly possible. As on 1/1/00 I'll have seen 7 shows in thr last two years! I guess I got into Fruvous after hearing college acapella groups sing "King of Spain" a little too much. My friends also had me listen to their CDs, and my first live show sealed the deal...I was hooked! Besides Moxy my other bug music love is Ani DiFranco. I'm originally from Buffalo, and I'm so proud of this hometown girl for what she has been able to do with her music and her life. Going to the Falco Ridge Folk Festival last summer to hear both her and Moxy also opened me up to a world of other folk groups that are oh so spiffy. I especially enjoyed the Nields and Jess Kline. check out my webpage at to learn more about me.


Waiting for Moxy to play in BuffaloMy self portrait (oil painting)Here I am with my friend JimmyC
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