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Basic Information

Mark Stalcup
Username: StMark
First Visit: Dec 15, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Jul 9, 2002, 10:38pm
Location:Bloomington, Indiana
About You:Mark Stalcup, a first year law student at Indiana University frequently accused of journalism, is a figment of your imagination. He first heard of Moxy Fruvous through an autographed copy of "Live Noise" rendered via his uncle and aunt, who appear on the cover in the roles of the white-bearded man and the out-of-focus woman near the stage. Although he greatly approved of actually getting his uncle and aunt's autographs, Mark was even more pleased to open the album and find the band members had also signed it -- although one inadvertenly wished him a happy 30th birthday, when in fact he was only 29. (This is what's meant by the old hippie maxim "Never trust anyone over 30." Usually they're quite wrong about their age.) In any event, Mark's joy at the disc was even greater once he actually listened to the mellifluous tones and comedic stylings contained within. The disc - and the remaining Moxy CDs - soon won a place of honor among his eclectic and catholic tastes (catholic tastes being much the same as eclectic, except they do not eat meat on Fridays.) A disc jockey since he was 13, Mark considers the greatest breakthrough in his career to have been learning that 331/3 rpm records are not meant to be played at 45 rpm - something he learned last Thursday. However, having met many interesting girlfriends among the people who generally felt the records sounded better sped up into incoherence, he feels it was all for the best. A certified fanatic about music, literature, comics, independent film and obscure Etruscan snoods whose collections have long since overtaken his home and forced him to live in his car, Mark also loves Hunter Thompson books, George Carlin, Monty Python, Kids in the Hall, REM, Robyn Hitchcock, Prince, the Beatles, the Doors, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Ani DiFranco, The Ramones, Sloan, the Sawdoctors, the Pogues, the Clash, Kevin Smith movies, Trainspotting, Grosse Pointe Blank, and the comics Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Cerebus, and Milk and Cheese. However, since none of them call him anymore, he's not sure this love affair is going anywhere, so maybe we should all just be friends. Mark also admires the actor John Cusack, both because Cusack's roles speak to the existential angst and longing within us all and because he dated Claire Forlani. Mark also admires the actress Laura Dern, mostly because she's cute. At this point, Mark is wondering what you're doing reading all this. Don't you have a life? C'mon - do something! Send me an e-mail or something. C'mon people! Build an art project of macaroni, glue and glitter. Learn how milk is produced. Visit your nearest dental hygenist - do something... (WE INTERRUPT THIS TIRADE TO APOLOGIZE. AT THIS POINT, MARK HAS BEEN LULLED INTO SLEEP BY THE SOOTHING TONES OF "SLIM WHITMAN SINGS THE BEATLES. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT HIM via with all comments, concerns, and 15th century cookie recipes. That is all...)

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