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Basic Information

Taunya Dillow
Username: Taunya
First Visit: Aug 26, 1999
Location:Saint Louis, Missouri
About You:About me??! I discovered Moxy Fruvous a bit by accident involving a postcard and a whim. I put music into five basic catagories: 1) I absolutely love *this song* to the point of obsession, 2) I like this, 3) I don't like it now, but it will probably grow on me, 4) I used to like it, but now I'm bored with it, and 5) I hate it and if you force me to listen I will become violent. All of the Fruvous songs (etc) that I've heard fall into either catagory 1 or 2. Other interests include (but do not limit) Filmmaking, 2-D art, rollerblading, singing and college.

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