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Terri Pulaski
Username: Terri124
First Visit: Dec 14, 1999
Location:Bellmawr, New Jersey
About You:I love Moxy Fruvous! I've seen them live about 6 times, the first time at the Appel Farms Music Festival in Elmer, NJ. They just pulled me in from the start!!! I was way in the back lounging in my beach chair, sipping some wine and WOW!! Since then whenever the play Ocean City, Philadelphia or now Collingswood(down the road from me) I must go. Their Bargainville CD has earned a place of honor in my car's CD changer!! The songs Lazyboy and Fell in Love are my absolute favorites for distinctly different reasons!!! I actually attempted camping at the Phiily Folf Fest for them. I volunteered with my very understanding camping friends, hung out at the festival, took a nap in the tent they so kindly set up until 3am or so and headed to the hotel for a shower, returned in the morming ready for my shift at the General Store!! I loved the festival and would return in a big camper!! I am also a fan of Entrain, Wood, Beck,Sarah Brightman ,Tori Amos and any broadway musical except Annie Get Yor Gun!!!! LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!

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