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Heatseeker Tyco
Username: Tyco
First Visit: Feb 9, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Apr 15, 2004, 2:26pm
Location:Edmonton, Alberta
About You:

Lets begin with the brief history of my Früheadedness. I have the Govenor General to thank for introducing me to the guys, I first saw Fruvous on an Episode of Addrienne Clarkson Presents back in like... 93, 94-ish.So I'm an old, seasoned "Fru- fan", (There never used to be such a thing as a "Frühead" back in my day, you kids have it so easy these days! *grin*) who just wishes they'd play out west more!!! that's it. now's the part where my profile gets interesting

To know me, is to tolerate me.

Okay my profile was Getting WAAAY to big, so I moved the Journal Portion of it to Diaryland
The following are phrases that have been copyrighted by Tyco Inc. and are not to be used for profit without exopress permission of the owner. (or something)

Reward given to winner of a contest, arguments or anything else where they triumph in any way
Eriparade™ [rights are currently under negotiation]
Same as above, but resevered specifically for Erica Leigh Gayler's victories
The study of all things adorable, including qualities that deem a person or thing 'adorable', as well as quantifiable criteria for being deemed 'adorable'
Reward given (usually in quantities of ten at a time) to individualsm who say or do something that garners favour.
"Cute Romatic Dork"
A misquoted (from part 2/2 of 'I Feel Sick; a Book About a Girl") expression used to express displeasure, indifference or lack of approprite response a synonym for the commonly used "meh"
Words or phrases created for a specific use by Tyco
1. Out-of-sorts ("I feel all ~ today") 2. unusual, or remarkable (That is -so- ~!")
Adding content or other matters of in potence to any given resource.

I think I should have a quote page. Everyone else does, and I'm a slave to implied peer pressure. here goes:

1. "I inspire lime Jello cravings in people." - Erilee
There'll be more soon. (I just started!)


a reminderWithout GlassesMY New Racoon Hat from Squee!with Glasses.
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