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Abby I'm a civilian yay!
Username: abergson
First Visit: May 30, 2004
Last Visit: Mon, Nov 7, 2005, 7:55pm
About You:Wow suddenly I'm not so interesting anymore now that I'm a civilian. But all things said I'm on the hunt for a real grownup job and I'm excited about some of the offers I'm pursuing. I'm still a big fruvous fan and always listen to them when I'm in need of some comfort or some pick me up, or just something to sing along to obnoxiously. Right now my hobbies include, fiddling, going out as much as possible, and trying to look productive during the day while waiting for employers to call me back. Golly I sound pitifull, hopefully I can change this soon. If you'd like to IM with me on yahoo my username is [email protected], don't be shy :)


this is where I stay, FOB GraywolfEl, Eric, and Me
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