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Emily Long
Username: agentdusty
First Visit: Jun 20, 2000
Last Visit: Tue, Aug 22, 2000, 11:36pm
About You:Hey, sorry I had nothing before! I'm not really sure how to start out..I guess I'll start with interests. I like to bead/knot, sew (quilts & clothes), read, watch movies, listen to music (like everyone else, I know). I guess in music I'm pretty eclectic, I like (besides the obvious) Sublime, Offspring, Tom Petty, Eagles, Everclear, Dave Matthews, Garth Brooks, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Beatles, etc. In movies, I'm mostly comedy, some drama/action. Especially the early National Lampoon's movies (Vacation, X-Mas Vacation..), Tommy Boy, Airplane, Die Hard (all 3), Blazing Saddles, stuff like that. In books, I must say, I love Pat Conroy, but I don't really have any other specific authors. In the way of pets, I'm pretty much a cat person. I have one cat, Mer, and did for awhile have one bird, Sadie, but she died a month or so ago. On siblings: I have three sisters (two half, one whole), Eleanor (whole), Carol, and Andrea. Well, thank you for letting me ramble on. I can kinda be a marathon talker (typer?) when I feel like it. *I may be getting pictures in sometime, if it matters*

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