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Nikki Greenberg
Username: antrigo
First Visit: Sep 4, 1999
About You:well..i like ska too...but i got into fruvuos on the way home from i-con..a sci-fi was after a long ass game of vampire:the masquerade. The day after i was running around school singing king of spain to every one and they thought i was on crack..well that's the price you pay for listening to quality music not crap like rap..ha ha that rhymed. Anyway...about me i play feild's hockey on a grassy feild with a smaller head on the stick and no pads...that's right, now that's fun!!.... what else can i say...oh i like to play vampire,my favorite movies are the matrix, dune, the star wars favorite character is boba fett..because he is just the best,blade and interveiw with the vampire. I watch cartoons compulsivly: i love sailor moon,pokemon,reboot,dragonball z,powerpuff girls, and the snorks ...pretty much anything else. And i have purple and pink hair right ok that's enough

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