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Username: ashfae
First Visit: Dec 3, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Jan 8, 2002, 1:11pm
About You:Hi! I'm Ashfae. I work in hell, so I won't talk about that much. *gryn* I listen to just about everything (600 CDs and counting!), but my favorites are Fruvous (of course), Erasure, Beatles, Tori, Roxette, the Monkees, Peter Schilling, U2, R.E.M., Duran Duran, BNL, TMBG, etc, etc. I read a lot (mostly fantasy and faery tales), see a lot of movies, and spend a lot of time pondering or being whimsical, depending on my mood. I also like video games, Japanese animation, and Wagner. *mwhahaa!* I got into Fruvous when I went to a Violent Femmes concert they opened for; it took me five minutes to decide that they were far more spiffy than the Femmes. I've gotten uncountable numbers of my friends hooked. *heh heh* I myself am usually described as whimsical, huggable, entertaining, idiosyncratic, intellectual, weird, nice, faeish (hence the nickname "Ashfae"), both too old and too young for my age, a bit of a geek (and proud!), and slightly insane. I can deal with that. *gryn* *bows*


This is me. Not anybody else, just me. =)
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