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all hail queen abby
Username: badevilcactus
First Visit: Apr 17, 2004
Last Visit: Mon, May 31, 2004, 1:19pm
Location:Chicago, Illinois
About You:moxy fruvous is my 2nd fav band. i listen to them for at least 6 hours a day. my dad got me into fruvous and ever since then i cant stop listening to them. my username is my aol instant messaging screen name so...ya..i dont mind if you i.m. me.... i live in chicago, il and ive lived there all my life...all my friends/family say that i have a mean streak of new york in me.. i have a gay dog named bilbo baggins and my friends call him dildo..bilbo "dildo" baggins..i luv him more than anything i have a really really bitchy friend who i hate alot and she thinks that i like her in a sisterly way and i hate her and SHE JUST WONT GO AWAY!!!!!!!! I LUV VAMPIRES!!!!!!!! THEY ROCK!!!! OMG-U NOW WHATS FUN!!!!!!! SETTING LITTLE KIDS ON FIRE AND WATCHING THEM RUN AROUND SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER...just sit back, relax and enjoy the show... BWAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!!!!!!! Im getting a cell phone when im only 12 so...NOT TO LONG!!!!!!!! WHEN I HAVE A CELL PHONE AND SOME CHEESE NIPS I WILL DOMINATE THE WORLD...YOU'LL SEE!!!!!! JUST WAIT *EVIL GRIN* *EVIL CHUCKLE* BWAA HAAA HAA!!!!!! um..i no i was going to say something...but i 4-got...OH YA!!!!!!!I REMEMBER!!!!! i 4-got again..ohwell..toodles

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