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Basic Information

Barb Ehrenhaft
Username: barb
First Visit: Apr 1, 2000
About You:Me- um...I'm trying like heck to get out of school so I can get a job (teaching music...ha!) I'm a bass clarinetist by a world that only other bass clarinetists know... Non-Fruvous interests- Let's see...I blade, I just started running, and I'm trying to start up another winterguard (if that word makes no sense to you, check out ). In fact my last good show idea was a Fruvous show! How I got into Fruvous- (insert wierd flashbacking sounds)...a friend of mine from school was a MAJOR Fruvous addict...needless to say, I became infected (but I'm still very green). She has since went home (Calgary), but I'm very glad she would not stop playing her cds! The furthest I have driven to see Moxy Fruvous- far is it from Chicago to Toronto? Just wait...I'll do it again...but I'm bringing more people this time!!!

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