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Gwen Evans
Username: berylgirl
First Visit: Aug 13, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Apr 5, 2003, 10:41am
Location:Columbus, Ohio
About You:I am Gwen. I graduated in 2002 from Oberlin College with degrees in Music Education and Biology. Woo! I'm starting Ohio State's vet school in the fall. Double woo! I found Fruness a few years back, being a They Might Be Giants fan since adolescence, and happy to find another band of their quirky caliber. Not to say that TMBG and Moxy are the only quirky bands I like, but they're the main ones, I suppose. Quirky, that is. Yes, I am rambling, also. Speaking of Canadians (were we?), any Great Big Sea fans out there? Woohoo! Have a good day, folks. Love, luck, and of course, lollipops.

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