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Username: betty
First Visit: Sep 2, 1999
Last Visit: Fri, Jun 15, 2007, 1:47pm
Location:Brooklyn, New York
About You:

thank you for flying church of england. cake or death?

first heard fruvous at a *gasp* frat party, if you can believe that. yes, i attended frat parties as a young freshperson in a rural town. i also played rugby. but that's neither here nor there. anyways, i met up with some folks in spring '95 in my dorm that were really into the band, so i was, quite naturally, converted. fruvous played a free show at my school during my sophomore year, which was pretty damn cool.

i am living in a gawgeous apartment (well, paying rent there, anyways) in harlem until march 1, whereupon i am moving back to the great borough of brooklyn to live with my beautiful girlfriend. she is not a fruvous fan, but i sneak 'em in to mix tapes, much like a dog owner hides medicine in filet mignon. see, it's tasty and good for you!

sundry musical influences include (in no particular order): moby fruitless, ozomatli, ben harper, the replacements, the pixies, magnetic fields, neutral milk hotel, the clash, prince, cibo matto, the go- gos, spearhead, soul coughing, the sundays, billy joel, erykah badu, the beatles, vance gilbert, mckrells, hair of the dog, joni mitchell, csny, russell wolff, aretha franklin, otis redding, marvin gaye, le tigrethey might be giants,, new order, joy division, ani difranco, tracy and the plastics, stereo total, dar williams, the nields, the butchies, black 47, liz phair, jello biafra, mojo nixon, jane's addiction, lemonheads, simon and garfunkel, bob marley, indigo girls, george clinton, charlie parker, maceo parker.

*ahem* i would just like to state for the record (and anyone who happens to be reading this) that christina abbott, in addition to being a folkstar in the actual sense, is a rockstar in the metaphorical sense. buy her albums forthwith. go to this has been a public service announcement. thank you. oh yeah, and i was happy to get to see her avec full band the day before thanksgiving this year, which rawked out. thanks for a great show.

other beloved things: playing trivial pursuit for fun and profit, the mets, live music, socialism, my stuffed raccoon, the city of seattle, irish heritage, monty python, mst3k, the park slope co-op, trivia, baseball, the onion, playing my saxophone, good films, activism, poetry, folk fests, my dear friends, radical history, sharp wit, young's double chocolate stout, my brother-in-law's beer brewing talents, marble mint chunk ice cream.

deities in human form: che guevara, lucille clifton, john waters, sandra cisneros, tristan taormino, rob breszny, ee cummings, eddie izzard, mike piazza, many others.

when i drive past the kids, they all spit and cuss, 'cause i've got a bitchin' camaro and they have to ride the bus!


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