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Britt Frey
Username: britt
First Visit: Aug 28, 1999
Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma
About You:First started listening to Moxy Fruvous early this year when a friend of mine had me listen to them. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find anything here in Tulsa, or the area. We drove down to Houston one weekend for a road trip, with one of our missions to get a CD. Unfortunately, we could only find Video Bargainville, so that's all I've ever been able to listen to. Three of us are planning on a road trip for the Boulder, CO Oct. 29 show. Anyone in the area is welcome to join us. I enjoy computer stuff of all kinds, philosophy, art, and having good discussions with my friends. If you can't join us, email me anyways if your in the area. Noone around here that knows about Moxy Fruvous. I was born in Houston, TX, but grew up here in Tulsa. Went to University of OK for 2 years, then came back to Tulsa. Worked several misc jobs until I settled into my job as a computer consultant for the past 2 years. Working on getting my degree now. Someday I'm going to go into politics, and if ever elected to anything, I'm inviting Moxy Fruvous if they'll come!

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