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Damn Incubus is Good!
Username: daisey
First Visit: Aug 15, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, May 1, 2002, 10:40pm
About You:Hey kiddies!
So whats new with me...
I've delved into obsession over kevin smith movies (can you blame me, i need something to take my mind off fruvous)
I've been cruisin northern California looking for colleges, and i'm about to start my senior year of high school (i'm still in denial about the whole thing) oh yeah, did any of you guys go to college in CA, i'd love to get insider tips about universities around here.
In the middle of August i went to michigan all by my lonsome to Michigan's Womyn's Festival and got completely fried in the 90* and 80% humidity- but still it was my first big trip away from home (yay me!)
I normally stick a bunch of favorites in here, but I dont want to : P

And now for an overdue, bitter rant:
So i'm not cool... never really cared. But in the little group of AP honors kids i have every fricking class with, this is normally over looked. Well this little group has an unspoken ranking as does everything in high school, and as I near the return to classes, i am reminded (once again) (like a god damn brick to the forehead) that i am around the mid-bottem of it. Again, this never really bothered me, but I found out today that my best friend (since 3rd grade) is canceling movie plans because of a party my other best friend (since pre-school) is throwing. Furthermore, since I'm not invited, she didn't tell me until today............... I HATE HIGHSCHOOL!!!


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