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david capelli
Username: daveywavey
First Visit: Sep 21, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, May 8, 2001, 11:46am
About You:I first fell in love with the lads at the 1996 Falcon Ridge Folk Fest I've been a fruhead every since. I've seen them 10 time since then, and love them more and more every concert. I love being able to talk to them after the shows. About a month ago I saw the lads in Ocean City,NJ. What a blast!! The venue was very "family" so they had hold back a bit, but you could tell when they did. It was the ninth time I saw them in concert, but it was the fisrt time they where 10min from my house. They where incredible. The opened with Half as Much, and played a lot from the new album. They ended doning and Michael Jackson and covers of the Beatles. I was right a the foot of the stage. It was fantastic. I Love Jian!!! After the show, I got the set list, but only got one Fru to sign it (the others had to dash off somewhere) AND...for the silly fan that I am...I got Jians sweat soaked towel off the stage. The actual towel he used to wipe his sweaty body. And it still smells like a hot, sweaty, sexy, Iranian man, MMmm, MMmm. How many Fru points do I get for that!

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