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Username: durga
First Visit: Mar 5, 2001
Last Visit: Mon, Oct 4, 2004, 3:09pm
Location:Chicago, Illinois
About You: For some reason does clear the Fruhead accounts? Anyway, I've been happy to be a fruhead since 1998- While living in Jersey some friends dragged me out to one of the Appel Farm Festivals. Moxy was beyond anything I had experienced- they are way up on the friendliness factor- autographing cds and assorted paraphanalia:) As for other musical joys- ani di franco, naserat fatah ali khan (hope that's spelled correctly), ravi shankar, any hard-core dance hall reggea-ie, beenie man, buju banton, shaggy dar williams-folktress black crowes-gotta have that sothern fried blues *Please-PLease* _please-check out this local chicago band-Gowhead-they have since disbanded but the core member are regrouping for a reggae jam concoction-yummm-all updates can be found on the link below for Gowhead:) Hmmm-other interests-art -lots of it Music-besides listening I play some folk & bluegrass(acoustic only- of course;) Philosophy & exploring the crazed layers of world theology I'm also a flaming liberal who enjoys being annoyed by the lack of old shchool Pacifist Anarchy;) Oh and I'm one of those slightly self important americans who follows Vedanta-like d.a. levy says "hindus have egohangups". What do YOU think? In short- Question Every Thing. Peace Love & Light , Toasty Griv.


pre-trinidad jitters
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