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Basic Information

Kelly A. Rodgers
Username: eeyorebnl
First Visit: Aug 21, 1999
Location:Pennsauken, New Jersey
About You:Well... What can i saw? I have one woman to thank for my Fruvous conversion...My best friend and college roommate, Jen Cen (known as Jacey to Fruheads, Tilda Jen to Rentheads and so on). Don't get me wrong I had a love of Canadians before Fruvous, mainly Sarah McLachlin and BNL; but the love has grown from music to men and all things Canadian. Aside from music, and much to Jen's dislike, I am also a WWF fan and of course my favorites happen to be Edge and Test both Toronto natives.Other than that I am a huge Penn State fan. Away from sports and music I have an intrest and curousity for the supernatural, especially vampires. I'm a Buffy and Charmed fan. School wise, I'm entering my 6th year as an undergrad, I'm studing elementary education with a concentration in history. With any luck I'll graduate before the real millenium hits in 2001. ;-)

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