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Dances with Llamas
Username: fandangamo
First Visit: Feb 23, 2001
Last Visit: Sun, Jul 26, 2009, 1:20pm
Location:Brantford, Ontario
About You:WHO'S THE LLAMA!!!??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey y'all. Got hooked on Fruvous in the summer of 2000, right on time for the hiatus. My favourite Fru-songs include but are not limited to: King of Spain, Independance Day, My Poor Generation, Fly, and The Drinking Song. My first and only concert was at the Opera House. The show was great. I was in stage Dave, the mid-height bald guy with the Leafs hat(that's me!) Other music I dig:Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, U2, Squeeze, The Clash, Queen, Meat Loaf, BNL, and anything jazz or classical My favourite non-Fruvous songs are(in no specific order):Who's Gonna' Ride Your Wild Horses(U2), Wonderful Tonight(Clapton), Bohemian Rhapsody(Queen), and Rainbow Connection(Kermit the Frog) I hold the unofficial position of "Gella's Mexican Whooping Llama" Sorry, no pics!

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