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Basic Information

Lois Sanchez
Username: fogeyfru
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Location:Des Moines, Iowa
About You:I'm a fairly new frufan (how do I get to be a fruhead?) Initiated by a younger person in my family. I love this band as so much of what they do is ageless--I can be fortysomething and like this band as much as the 8-year-olds among us (Hi Princess Fru!). If you are on the NG you know that I have a wide love of music, from MF to jazz to classical (the three Bs, Haydn, Debussy, Tchai..., Pachelbel, Lizst, etc. etc.) to DonMcLean to some (limited) CW. I also love to read and my likes are just as varied in that area. Wanting very badly to get MF out into the western reaches of the Midwest at all age shows.

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