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Sharilyn Johnson
Username: fruchick
First Visit: Sep 6, 1999
Last Visit: Fri, Apr 10, 2009, 2:39pm
Location:Winnipeg, Canada
About You:I posted to the newsgroup as Fruchick from 1995-97, and not at all since then. I got into Fruvous in '93 (like all good Cdn teens), and was fortunate enough to be front and centre for the Winnipeg show on the Bargainville tour. That remains the highlight of the 50 odd shows (give or take) that I've seen since. I don't follow the band around anymore, as I've chosen to be an adult with responsibilties like a job and rent and all that crummy stuff. I did ring in 2000 with the boys, because there's nobody I would have rather perished in the firey chaos of the world's end with. Fruheads are a lot different than they used to be. Much more fanatic, have less of a relationship with the guys, and are much much nicer (I think that comes with having less of a relat'n with the guys... that used to be messy). I miss all the old Fruheads, so if you were one of the manic '96/'97 Marcus/Lazlo Wood/YWGTTM people, please get in touch with me. We'll chat about the old days and bitch about how we had to walk 3 miles in 10 feet of snow uphill with no shoes just to get to a show. They had no amps in those days, of course. ;)

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