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Username: frustar
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Jul 31, 2016, 3:51pm
About You: I love horror movies, esp stephen king, also love rl stine ^^ I love rats, have 2 rat tattoos, i want more, and got my nose peirced again. Had a couple of lip peircings, but they didnt last long at all. I own 3 rats currently, had owned mice, natal rats, bushy tailed jird and spiney mice. Pet id love to own in future is the Genet and the Gambian Africran Pouched Rat. Favourite shows are: Jerry Springer, Guiness World Records [no lnoger on], Batman [1966-68], royal Canadian air farce, Exhibit A, cold case files, csi miami/las vagas, Friday The 13th:The Series, destroyed in seconds, 1000 ways to die, and anything that has to do with natural disaters like earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes etc... Favourite t.v. channels are: TLC, Discovery, Teletoon, CMT, Spike, YTV, Vision History and Slice. My hobbies also include collecting magazines, coins, and cds. I am very interested in earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, avalanches, mudslides, and hurricanes. You CAN aim me @ hlaccy35 :)

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