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moonbeam medusa
Username: geghead
First Visit: Jun 15, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, May 4, 2002, 11:24am
About You:Just to make this short and sweet, saw fruvous at apple farms in elmor(i think that's how it's spelled)NJ, my friends Katrina and Carissa brought me there to see Grey Eye Glances and Indigo Girls. Let's just say fruvous was a beautiful dicovery and I've been hooked since. Also, a few months later they did a show at Penns Landing, of which I have a recording, although its a bit fuzzy, I be glad to make a copy for dedicated fruheads. Musical likes: "anything that is good and has passion"-K.B. Ani Di Franco, Dar Williams,Moe, Black Crowes, Sleater-kinney, Kaia, Type O Neg.,Vance Gibert, Wink, sonia dada, Bela fleck Interest: anything that deals with India and vedanta since I'm a Sakta Enjoying good vibes thru dance. Reading good books:classics,physics, poetry, any Jeff Noon novel- nothing compares to Vurt or Pollen- check them out. Art-all mediums. I'm a lib. arts major so anything that deals with it are of interest.

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