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Basic Information

Glitter Fru
Username: glitterfru
First Visit: Dec 29, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Jun 2, 2003, 1:24am
Location:Austin, Texas
About You:~A study in Glitter Fru~

-she hates being called Jena, call her Aden
-she loves Changing Rooms, and Ground Force
-she hasn't been to this site in ages
-she still loves Fruvous
-she just moved to Austin, Texas
-she loves cats, improv theatre and anime
-music is more than her passion
-writing is her life
-she is proud to be a geek.

~How I got Into Fruvous~
Well being so close to Canada(in Buffalo) I was lucky enough to hear them on the radio, and fell in love with "King of Spain." I became to really love them when a friend of mine leant me a copy of Live Noise. I have only been to one show (spank me I am a bad Fruhead) it was the Thursday in the Square show at Buffalo. Where I somehow became famous for tossing a beanie moose up to the base of Murray's mic stand, and became known as Moosegirl.


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