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Marc D'Amato
Username: goldenboy
First Visit: Aug 16, 1999
Last Visit: Fri, Jul 23, 2004, 6:58am
Location:Vernon, Connecticut
About You:From the first time I heard "King of Spain," I've been a fan(approx 5yrs). I work and go to school here in CT and I like it just fine. There's swimming in the winter and snowboarding in the summer...Wait! Scratch that...reverse it.(willy wonka anyone?) Other than Moxy I enjoy the musical stylings of such groups as Pleasurecrush(, Moby, Harry Connick Jr., Cheryl Wheeler, and various other artists...If you think I'm cool...check out my friend Jared Irish. I've been to multiple MF shows and I plan to keep going. ALSO PLEASE NOTE: MY WEBSITE IS SEVERLY OUT-DATED...I WILL UPDATE IT SOON! THANK YOU!!! Jared knows what I'm talkin' about. "I don't know what it is...I have this weird thing for girls who say 'aboot'"-Chasing Amy Oh...and one more thing...Sarah Slean rocks my world. Check her out at She opened for Moxy in Boston and I am hooked. Definitly worth mail-ordering her CD. K...Must go! Happy Holidays!


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