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Geofry Glenn
Username: gryfen
First Visit: Mar 30, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Feb 29, 2004, 1:12pm
About You:I enjoy working with computers - experienced programmer and network engineer. I like fencing, reading poetry (K Gibran, Rumi, P. Neruda), dancing (modern, contact improv, salsa). Current musical artists I like - so many - but a smattering would be MF of course, BNL, S. McLachlin, P. Gabriel, Loreena McKennit, Patty Larkin, Danny Carnahan & Robin Petrie, Stereolab. I was introduced to MF (indirectly) through some friends in the SCA who are from the Toronto "Area" (Guelph, Hamilton). Im a 10-yr veghead, and also love to cook yummy food.

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