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Geoffrey Williams
Username: harrycaray
First Visit: Feb 16, 2000
Last Visit: Mon, Jun 25, 2001, 1:11pm
Location:Princeton, New Jersey
About You:hi folks, I guess I might be considered a minor fan since I am too poor to own all of moxy's albums, but I am "comfortable with myself first, so BACK OFF!!". I beg y'all's forgiveness. I first saw the guys at the trocadero in philly last february 6th and again in norwalk last august and haven't looked back since I did catch a damn fine show in allentown in April and I'm looking forward to back to back shows at the Bottom Line, see you there. many of you will know me from the shameful upstart band "643poot" formerly known as "643" (I would be 3). If you want to know more, I guess that you'll have to ask me. I don't bite anything except fruit chews (right poot?). Recently enjoyed my third show in Allentown on 4/30/00. I will have pics of me and my buds up soon but check out the bands upstart webpage. bye, geoff-y gdw

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