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Doktor Pepski, kommie
Username: james_mond
First Visit: Jul 11, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Feb 16, 2008, 11:09pm
Location:Nashua, New Hampshire
About You:I've lived in the Nahsua NH area for just over two years now where I work at a local corporate restaurant to remain nameless..for their benefit I assure you......otherwise, I'm a man just surviving day to day, fighting loneliness and what not....

let's see where I've been...Up until two years ago, i was a lifelong resident of the sewer hole known as Syracuse, NY. I have an associates and a bachelor degree from Cazenovia College, a small institution(?) located roughly twenty miles from surviving family members include a brother, a mother I don't know, two half brothers and a half sister, several aunts, uncles and father passed on in 2004, so I've been fighting that demon ever since....


14 years and 100 lbs ago!Sheena, she was the best behaved dog ever!look...or the chimp gets it!wow...i really went bald there, eh?
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