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john hall
Username: jj
First Visit: Aug 7, 2001
Last Visit: Tue, Aug 7, 2001, 9:01pm
About You:I first heard Fruvous when I played at the 2000 Clearwater Revival, and traded CDs with them backstage. Flipped out on "Guinea Pig" and performed it with Jonell Mosser at some gigs. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that my label,, is just releasng a CD recorded at that festival. Clearwater Live has a great version of Michigan Militia, not to mention Vance Gilbert doing Tennessee, and a smokin' blues from Jonell Mosser with piano by David Sancious (of Sting and Springsteen fame). Janis Ian, Holly Near, Pete Seeger and Tao Rodriguez, Viva Quetzal, the Nields, 17 artists in all. We're an indie label with a small bankk account, so I'm trying to let everyone know about this record. It should be in the stores by late August, but is available now at Half of all revenues go to Clearwater's ongoing environmental work. Thanks for spreading the word. John

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