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Username: jrimbo
First Visit: Sep 18, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Apr 26, 2014, 11:46am
Location:Monticello, Minnesota
About You:Ok, so. I was introduced to Fruvous (as I'm sure many people have been) through a mix tape made for me by Kat, who I met at a BNL concert in 1998. Umm, I'm originally from Michigan, I spent a year of college antics in Ohio, then took a year off, hung around FHDC a lot, worked in a record store. Then I fell in love over the summer of 2000 with the woman who is now my wife, and decided to spend a year (or two) on the road for Jesus. That's right. I was a Christian nomad. I was in a volunteer band called Captive Free that toured the South Central region of the U.S. playing concerts and youth events, and talking with people about Christ. I know that might not be cool among most Fruheads, but it's who I am. UPDATE - after that, I spent another year on the road, went to East Africa for four months, you know, the usual. Now I live in Minnesota. But I LOVE Fruvous, and Michigan, and . . . . mail. Umm, . . . OH. I also like BNL, Switchfoot, Ben Folds (Five), Radiohead, Jars of Clay, Nickel Creek/Chris Thile, Coldplay, Wilco, David Crowder Band, The Normals, and all the other bands in my music picks. And ones that aren't there, because I'm a spaz and can't remember them. But that's me. Oh, and I also like Zilpha. She's nice. I'm currently unemployed. I'm a nice guy. Got a job for me? No sexual acts, though. Give me a few months. Apparently, I have 100 Pauleypoints. Which is cool, y'know. Don't know what to do with them. UPDATE 3/1/06: I own a house now. Well, a bank owns it, and I'm trying to buy it from them gradually. Still married. [url=][img][/img][/url]


That's me and my musical powerhorn at a recent concert. No, I'm not singing Michigan Militia.There's my friend Chad and Me riding in Chad's invisible car. He CLEARLY isn't paying attention to the road. 10 and 2, Chad.Fuller Still live!Here's the latest Fuller Still promo shot, for our first full-length album.
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