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Username: jrimbo
First Visit: Sep 18, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Apr 26, 2014, 11:46am
Location:Monticello, Minnesota
About You:Ok, so. I was introduced to Fruvous (as I'm sure many people have been) through a mix tape made for me by Kat, who I met at a BNL concert in 1998. Umm, I'm originally from Michigan, I spent a year of college antics in Ohio, then took a year off, hung around FHDC a lot, worked in a record store. Then I fell in love over the summer of 2000 with the woman who is now my wife, and decided to spend a year (or two) on the road for Jesus. That's right. I was a Christian nomad. I was in a volunteer band called Captive Free that toured the South Central region of the U.S. playing concerts and youth events, and talking with people about Christ. I know that might not be cool among most Fruheads, but it's who I am. UPDATE - after that, I spent another year on the road, went to East Africa for four months, you know, the usual. Now I live in Minnesota. But I LOVE Fruvous, and Michigan, and . . . . mail. Umm, . . . OH. I also like BNL, Switchfoot, Ben Folds (Five), Radiohead, Jars of Clay, Nickel Creek/Chris Thile, Coldplay, Wilco, David Crowder Band, The Normals, and all the other bands in my music picks. And ones that aren't there, because I'm a spaz and can't remember them. But that's me. Oh, and I also like Zilpha. She's nice. I'm currently unemployed. I'm a nice guy. Got a job for me? No sexual acts, though. Give me a few months. Apparently, I have 100 Pauleypoints. Which is cool, y'know. Don't know what to do with them. UPDATE 3/1/06: I own a house now. Well, a bank owns it, and I'm trying to buy it from them gradually. Still married. [url=][img][/img][/url]


Here's the latest Fuller Still promo shot, for our first full-length album.That's me and my special lady. We had just gotten married when this picture was taken. Good thing someone had a camera.That's me and my musical powerhorn at a recent concert. No, I'm not singing Michigan Militia.Me. Doorway.
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