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Jerry Wiepert
Username: jwiepertjr
First Visit: Nov 9, 1999
Location:Lockport, New York
About You:Well where should I begin? I was born on a snowey summer day (it was really weird weather for July). I was raised by a pack of wolves (They were really my Mom and Dad, but I have 3 sisters if that counts). I was first introduced to the band by my ex (THANK YOU GOD) fiancee on New Years Eve 1998 in Niagara Falls. I have been hooked ever since. I am a huge Bills fan, Sabres fan (Sorry Laugh err...Leaf fans but your team s**ks) :) I am a teacher of the fine language of english, however most of my students still can not speak it properly, must be the years of Backstreet Babble they have listened to! Other music includes: BNL, Billy Joel, Offspring, Springsteen, and did I mention FRUVOUS! Thats covers most of me. Write me and lets hear about you. PS I INTRODUCED MARK BRADBOURNE FROM CLEVELAND TO THE BAND. thats my claim to Fruvous fame.

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