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Ted V. Blanchard
Username: kinggoll
Location:Berkeley, California
About You:I firt got into Fruvous when my friend -- an American at McGill -- sent me a copy of the first EP in '93-'94. Been listening to them on and off ever since, but only started going to shows in the last couple of years. Was at the LA one where the power went out, and the Lads received the dolls (sorry! Action Figures!) of themselves. I also have been a big TMBG fan since... well, since I first saw the video for "Don't Let's Start" (and don't let's think about how long ago that was). I've seen them a great many times, in variety of venues. For my other (Fruvous-aligned) musical likes, check out my recommendations. The website link is to my fiancee's and my hastily assembled, and thus a tad embarassing, wedding homepage. --[1/26/01] -- Well, we haven't done more than slap a few wedding photos up since the big day; we got kind of burned out on All Things Nuptial, I think. Even though I have the sensation of typing into the void... we'll change it soon.

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