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Kitty Ruch
Username: kittyruch
First Visit: Mar 28, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Apr 10, 2004, 11:03pm
Location:Warrington, Pennsylvania
About You:Is there an age limit to liking these guys? I sure hope not! Since I am definitely hooked, and am definitely aged.... Also like lots of other music. BB King, Eric Clapton, Old 97s, xtc, Cry Cry Cry. Trout Fishing in America..... too many. Learned to love Fruvous on WXPN, of course. Anyone from around here would say the same. Fell in love with MBLABOA first, then begged for Bargainville for Christmas (1998, I think?) and it's been a (one-sided!) love affair ever since! Gotta add that I miss them and have been in mourning for a couple years. glad I saw them twice on their last swing through Philly.

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