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Joe Lawrence
Username: litasux
First Visit: Dec 28, 1999
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota
About You:I have a corporate stuffy desk job (I actually like the job itself) and am supposed to like everything I hate (ie., Howard Stern, Hootie and the Blowfish, Oprah) BLEAAHH!!. Heard MF on MPR one morning in 1993 (Authors) and was hooked. Saw the boys for the first time at the 7th street Entry in Minnneapolis. I yelled at the guys to play some music (during an exetended dialogue) , and Jian said "Fuck you! It's our show and we'll do what we want!" At that point I knew I liked these guys. I haven't turned back since. I've brought 3 different women to 3 different Fru shows and they are all now Frubelievers. Contrary to popular belief, Moxy Fruvous IS a good date band! :)

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