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Jessica Baskin Taylor
Username: llesi
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Nov 21, 2005, 1:26am
About You:My most frequently asked question: what's "llesi" and how do you pronounce it? Llesi is pronounced "Jessi" and is a funky Mexican phonetic spelling of Jessi (from Jessica--Mexicans pronounce the double "L" like j), which is what all my Mexican friends call me (but if you're American please don't call me Jessi--Jess is fine, or Jessica, but not Jessi!!). I first found Fruvous in August of 1995 at the Philadelphia Folk Festival (of which my dad is the Chairman, so you'll hear me promote it from time to time!)--which makes this year's Festival my SEVEN-year Fruvous anniversary! I of course loved them at first (live) listen, but "Fly" was what made me say "I must own these guys!!" (Meaning their recorded music, of course, not actually OWN them...!) I've done a bit of Frutripping in those 7 years, the farthest being to Toronto to the first FruCon, though I've mostly seen them in the PA/NY/NJ/DE/DC/MD area. Two favorite shows were probably when I saw them on my birthday (Oct. 12) in Herndon, VA, in 1997, and when I did the four nights in a row deal in Nov. 1998 (Thurs, in Phila, Fri-Sun. at the Mercury Lounge in NYC)...I was a groupie at age 28...oy vey...!

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