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Manda Heim
Username: manda
First Visit: Mar 2, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 26, 2006, 8:54pm
Location:Pavilion, New York
About You:My brother got me hooked on früvous a few years ago, with a tape that a frühead friend of his gave him. i thought it was awesome, and i kept asking about them. i got to a concert finally in september of 99 in bowling green ohio. i've been to 3 since then, and they have totally rocked! i have all the früvous cd's now (minus the indie tape) and i am totally hooked! they rock!! i totally love the c album and i recommend it to everyone!! buy früvous !! :-) Besides früvous i love jonny lang, the beatles, elton john, james taylor, deliriou5?, third dayand other random stuff. i'm in high school in a little tiny town, and i'm trying to spread the frü-word all around western new york high schools! :-)

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